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We've been running our own business for more than twenty years now, and we've finally discovered what our real job is:

Bringing Order To Chaos...

None of us can predict the future. We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, the day after or the year after. That means that most of us spend a great deal of time worrying about the future and trying to minimize risks in a world filled with chaos and unpredictability.

As financial professionals our job is to replace uncertainty with certainty and swap chaos for order. That's what people pay us for. Unfortunately, traditional financial planning leaves little room for meaningful input from clients. Its focus tends to be on advisor-centered financial planning tactics. As a result, most people find financial planning to be a tedious and arduous task.

Moreover, a lot of what passes for planning appears to be no more than a computer generated justification to sell investments and insurance. In fact, most people do not have a life plan; rather, they have a hodgepodge of financial products purchased over the years from different salespeople. So not surprisingly, we see that many of today's problems come from yesterday's solutions.

This is borne out by research which reveals that less than 6% of advisors actually use comprehensive financial planning in their practice. Given these factors, we have transitioned our business into life planning, thereby putting us in the top 1% of this already small group of advisors.

Life planning is the creation of satisfying and fulfilling vision of life, and the discovery of how to achieve that vision. Life planning blends lifestyle circumstances and wants with financial planning tactics to create an integrated view of the future. Ultimately, it allows us to do what people always wanted and expected us to do: we create life plans with clients, not for clients.

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